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Information about Tail Docking:

Tail Docking for Puppies (PDF) - Posted July 30, 2012



What is a pesticide incident? How to report a pesticide incident?:

Health Canada-Report Pesticide Problems (PDF) - Posted February 17, 2012



Keep pets safe by following label directions on flea and tick control products:

Health Canada Advisory-Posted February 17, 2012 (PDF)



Sharpen Up Your Pet Vaccine Know-How - Posted September 1, 2011:

Sharpen Your Pet Vaccine Know-how - Q & A Document (PDF)

Sharpen Your Pet Vaccine Know-how - Information Article (PDF)



Spot the signs of age:

Your Senior Pet



Prevent Periodontal Disease:

Dental Care For Your Pet


How To Minimize The Risk of Rabies:



A Guide To Traveling With Pets:

Pet Travel Tips



Distracted Driving Information:

Bill 16, Distracted Driving Law & Travelling with Pets Poster (PDF)- Posted August 26, 2011


Travel Safe with Your Pet:
Click here to download our Travel Safe Poster (PDF)



Some Suggestions For Keeping Your Dog Healthy:

Canine General Health


Frequently Asked Questions About The Cost Of Veterinary Health Care:

The Cost Of Compassion


Healthy Pets, Healthy People:



Talk To Your Veterinarian About Pet Nutrition:

Pet Nutrition


A Guide For Prospective Tenants:

Renting With Pets


Prevent Heartworm Disease:

Heartworm Disease


Water Safety:

Water Safety Tips (PDF)


Take Your Dog to Work Day (Annually on the Friday after Father's Day):

Considerations for Take Your Dog to Work Day (PDF)


Distracted Driving and your Pet:

Distracted Driving and other Pet Travelling Considerations (PDF)


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